A Bowl around Bedlam with the Brainless, Brazen Brothers is the first in what is hoped will be a series of urban walks. It has been devised as an audio tour, with eleven segments of audio that can be downloaded from this page to your computer and then to a mobile phone or MP3 player. On the google map there are eleven points on a circular walk. When you reach the first of these points, listen to the first piece of audio on your phone or MP3 player, then move onto the second point and play the second piece of audio, and so on, until you have completed your circuit and returned to your starting point at Liverpool Street Station with the eleventh piece of audio.


To listen now:

Left click an Audio Tour link to hear the MP3 file play via your computer. But be advised, the audio was designed to be listened to when you are out and about in the street. So if you can, follow the instruction below, download the audio and head off for Liverpool Street and the start of the tour.


To download:

Right click an Audio Tour link and select ‘save link as’ from the menu to save to a location on your computer. From there you can load the MP3 file onto a smart phone or MP3 player so you can listen to the Audio Tour via earphone or headset when you are actually walking the route.


(1)          Liverpool Street station: under the great departures board (3:18)

(2)          Liverpool Street, 1901 sign: plaque marking 1st Bethlehem Hospital (2:01)

(3)          Crossrail works in front of Broadgate (2:18)

(4)          ‘Fulcrum’ sculpture (1987) by Richard Serra, Octagon Arcade (2:19)

(5)          Broadgate Circus (1:30)

(6)          The Broadgate Venus by Fernando Botero, Exchange Square (3:16)

(7)          Finsbury Circus east side – nearest to Liverpool Street Station (3:26)

(8)          London Wall: Pizza Express (7:34)

(9)          Top of Circus Place , Finsbury Circus south side (4:27)

(10)        Finsbury Circus: a circumnavigation (5:45)

(11)        Back to Liverpool Street – a full circuit (4:33)


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